Sunday, January 15

Oh what a full plate!

So here it is! My knitting blog. I promise there will be pictures but as of yet I have none taken. Would you like to know what insane amount of knitting I have to do? Being a member of I am able to buy, sell, and trade various things on one of the forums. I traveled over there the other day to find me some new diapers. You see, S is growing out of hers and frankly I wanted some new ones. So I posted a thread about how I would knit for diapers. I ended up getting three different replies. I am now knitting (and I am not lying in any way to make you think I am some super knitter):
2 scarves- one pink and one blue
2 ties- one green and one blue (for dress up and what not)
1 scarf and Aspen Neck Cowl set- A neck warmer type thing with a scarf to attach to it. Waiting on the mom to send me the yarn she wanted in particular for it.

Then, I found a fertility monitor I wanted. Yes, a fertility monitor. No I am not currently TTC but thought it might be nice to have on deck. So I offered a trade. A knitting trade. Now you can add to my list:
2 hats- a matching mom and baby set.

THEN, I saw a diaper today that I have been wanting to try (the brand, not this diaper in general) so I offered yet another knitting trade. She bit! Now add to the roster:
1 pair leg warmers.

Total count? 10 individual things!!! Yes, 10!! How many projects do I have done? None. That's right, none. I am however almost finished with one scarf. So there will be a half finished project picture soon to come. It's basic but lovely in my eyes.

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