Saturday, January 21

Scarf updates

My second post and no pictures yet! Not true. This post will have pictures in it.

I would like to share a bit of lunacy on my part though. I get enjoyment out of knitting a long piece of whatever and then frogging it. Don't ask why. I did this with a scarf I was making myself. 30 inches!!! I frogged it to about five. Yes 5 whole inches! Why? A bright idea I had. I recommend pulling out more yarn, another set of needles, and trying out any ideas you have prior to frogging 25 inches off a perfectly lovely scarf.

I thought it was that isolated moment. Oh no! I turned around and frogged a scarf that I was making for my step son. Man! I wish I had taken a picture cause it was truely lovely. It's done with some cheapy yarn passed on to me but the yarn itself is varigated and sweet to look at. For some reason I think of candy canes when I see it. I said as much to my sister who said (after I described the not so candy canish colors) that it was the gourmet ones I was thinking about. Needless to say the gorgeous creation is now a ball in my bin. You'd think I would have at least taken a picture! I'm kind of regertting it. It had taken me awhile and was anice tight knit. Oh well, I suppose I could always start over. I don't think so.

Rememebr the said projects? I nixed one. I just have too much on my plate so I emailed the lady I would have made leg warmers for and said never mind. I explained I simply had too much to do and she said that was fine. So one less project!

Now for the half finished picture!! I thought this was done but I knew it would be dumb to bind off too soon. So I snapped a pic, measured it, and got a hold of the mom. Good thing. She wants longer! As it is right now this basic scarf is 31 inches. She was hoping for 35 which is all fine and dandy but you know what? The pattern I put into the scarf would not work. Why? I have 64 rows (so 32 lumpy rows that you can actually see for those who look and say that it is not 64) and then a row of purling. Then back to the 64 and a row of purling. If I went with the 35 inches this mom would end up with a scarf that suddenly had a random chunk of knit on the bottom. So now I am adding on about ten more inches. I was soo looking forward to being done with these. I just want to start on some stuff for my daughter. No more beating around the bush!! Here are the pictures!!

This is an attempt at showing the detail in the scarf. The detail is just the line of purl. It didn't out very good and actually ended up being a bit blurry. Not sure why.

This was to show the length (to which I have to add more...grrr...). Pretty basic but hey, it's for a toddler! What do they care about intricate design?

After all this senseless knitting is done I am getting geared up for the Yarn Harlot KNitting Olympics. I think I will knit some food for my neice. She got a shoping cart for Christmas and this would be perfect for her!

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