Sunday, January 29

Shameless plug for help

I'll admit patterns can terrify me. I'm a newbie in the knitting world and the "next step" is often scary. One of the projects I had promised to do in exchange for diapers was two neck ties. Yup, knit neck ties. I have been putting it off for a bit now. Longer than I should have actually. It scared me. It called for an increase or two and some decreases as well. I don't know how to do those! Well, I didn't. I went over to the site that taught me to knit in the first place ( and watched the videos this evening on how to do those. Good lord what was my hang up!!! I am now knitting one of the two ties and frankly, they ar ea piece of cake! Easier than a scarf actually.

My shameless plug for help happened prior to today though. As I reread my tie pattern the other night I got nervous. I then reread my hat pattern. I was REALLY nervous. The hat pattern is knit on DPN's in the round. I don't know how to knit in the round and I'm not sure I want to. It's looks complicated and frustrating. I get easily frustrated and would rather avoid it all the way around. So I got a genius idea!!! I headed over to my Freecycle group and posted for some knitting help on two ties and two hats. I expected my message to get turned down (the moderators have to approve it) but sure got posted! What amazed me even more was that someone replied! Yup, a person wrote me and is willing to help me knit free of charge all becuase they are nice enough to do so. I supply the goods and they supply the knitting. How much better could that get!? To top it off, she now only has to help with hats since ties are nothing!

I'm feelin' pretty good. Not only did I master two techniques tonight but I am well on my way to pumping out two more projects. I DO NOT know why any of this took this long. It's all very simple (with exception to the hats...those are tough for us newbies) and quick. You know what else? My homemade DPN's kick ass!

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