Wednesday, February 1

*Grumble, grumble*

I'm not mean. I'm not rude. I'm a very nice and lovely person. So why when someone offers to help me out and I respond enthusiastically they take that as a cue to bolt and run?

As you can guess, my shamless plug for help has vanished. The lady who offered is no where to be seen and has not responded to my email. Plagued with some random OCD I erased her first email so I have no way of emailing her again to find out what the hell happened. I guess that means it was meant to be. Guess that means I have some serious nights of knitting elft to do. I just don't want to! I am tired of knitting for others. Yeah, there is some gratification to it all but really I want to be selfish and only works on projects for me and my family. I want to start on some soakers for my nephew. I want to starts on some for my daughter. I want to start on some socks for me and frankly none of this can be done until I am done with everything else! Why can't I have more than one project going? I do. I have three going right now. I know though that if I start on my won stuff I will never pick up the other stuff that needs to be done. *SIGH* *Grumble, grumble*

On a more pleasant note: Our buddy's, T, wife sent over some books. Mainly crocheting (which I have tried but do not like) but there is one in there for knitting. She crochets like a mad woman and is feeling the urge to get crafty but needs to thin out what she has (a ton of quilting stuff, sewing, afghans etc.) so she sent these over for me to look through. Anyway, the knitting one is from Pattern Works ( )and there is some wonderful stuff in there! For instance, a sock blocker. Three sizes and it does not absorb liquids so it doesn't mold or get icky. Sounds like I need to be getting a sock blocker! I went and checked out their site since this particular magazine is from 2002 and signed up to get a free one sent to me. I'll have to check it out (the new one) before i can say for sure that it's awesome. Seems to be so far.

I also stumbled upon Knit Picks ( ). I found it during Christmas but I think I overlooked it because of the layout. I'm rather picky about how a site looks so I'm thinking that may be why. I saw a link to it in a blog I was reading and decided to go check it out. HOLY CHEAP YARN BATMAN!!!!! There is some dye it yourself for 3.49 a hank. Yes you read that right, 3.49 a hank! They have some lace for cheap, some sock yarn for cheap...hell they have yarn for cheap!!! They have a ton of accessories as well like tapemeasures (a cute sheep one), needles, stitch markers, row counters etc. I think I have found my nirvana. I have definitely found my next gift giving occasion help. By that I mean for the next gift giving occassion I shall point various people (when asked what I want) to certain sites and say only this, "Gift card". I think it will get the point across clear as day.

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