Sunday, February 12

Officially one project down!

I officially finished the other scarf in the two scarf set. Yeah, it has taken way to long but I am finally happy with what is now lying on my couch. Looks just like the pink/light pink one but blue/white. I'm extremely pleased with how they turned out. Definitely worth it to frog them multiple times. :)

The ties are almost done as well. Well strike that, one tie is about 2/3 of the way done. I haven't touched it since I figured out how to do the scarves to my liking and as a result am wonderfully surprised at the lightness not only of my needles (size 8's as opposed to 11's) but of the entire garment. Amazingly lighter! I guess using one strand instead of two can make a huge difference!

S (the lady helping me knit) has reworked the yarn and pattern I sent her until she has come up with a finished object that she deems worthy. I am so happy she has taken the time and energy to do that. Seeing as I posted on Freecycle I was seriously thinking I would get someone who knits on the weekend type thing who didn't put their heart and mind into it but she has. At least I know I will be getting a thoughtfully completed project. Because of her speediness and care I have asked if she wants to help with the other tie. Yes, I'm sure I could do it and if I finish the one tie tonight I may just as well do the other one but it's 52 inches of pointless knitting with the occasional decrease. Sure it breaks up the monotony but come on! If I can get help I should use it right?

And of course, once I get pictures I shall share. :)

I have Paypal and am torn over what o do with it. I can buy yarn. I can buy a pattern for longies/shorties (the Wondershorts pattern at ). I could buy more needle paraphenilia (or any other knitting paraphenilia actually).....oh, I just don't know what to do with it!

On a non-knitting note. My stepdad's funeral was yesterday (Saturday) and my mom said it was beautiful. She was drunk by the time I talked to her and I can't say I don't blame her. She was doing well the whole time we were talking and then near the end she had a slight moment. I have a feeling alcohol will be a reoccuring theme at her house for a bit. :(

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