Saturday, February 4


The Freecycle lady stopped by this afternooon and grabbed the yarn and needles. Ahhhhhh....a huge sigh of relief. She seemed nice and sounded pretty excited to do this. My husband says we are going to give her something, he has a hard time sometimes with the concept of freecycle. For some reason it boggles his mind that someone would WANT to do something free of charge. I say it's the business man in him.

I figured out how to do the blasted second scarf. Yeah, it has taken WAYYYYY too long to do two scarves but when you lack motivation it can be tough. I am doig a pink one now. The problem the FIRST time I was doing this pin k one was the color. It was a salmon type pink. You know the canned and stuck on a shelf in water good for ten years WITH a dent in the side salmon. I had a good portion of it done but when I showed my husband he asked if I was making my grandma a scarf. not a good sign considering it was for a toddler. So I frogged it (fueling my obssession) and started the blue one. I hate the blue one. I DESPISE this scarf. It hink it is ugly and horrible and just plain ugly. I plan on frogging it even though it is almost done. By almost I mean I have MAYBE two more rows and then I bind off. Yeah, that close. Why am I frogging it? Because of the pink scarf! Catch up here. After I had frogged the pink one the first time I found a light pink that was more little girly than old woman so I set it aside. I was dreading it though. Thin yarn and small needles makes for a long time knitting. I was sitting here last night staring at this ball when it dawned on me! I had big needles!!!! So I pulled out my handmade size 11 DPN's and decided her scarf would be done with them. I started and tried to get a good one going but the yarn was too thin. Blahde blah blah blah...long story short I combined the salmon with the light pink and am knitting on the big needles. It is turning out rather lovely I might add. It reminds me of bubblegum. So what does that have to do with frogging the basically finished blue scarf? I like it so much I want to combine the blue yarn with some white yarn and do the same for the little boy. It's knitting up fast and it is cute as hell. Sheesh! If only I had sat down and put some thought into this in the first place!

I did try some long stitches last night. I hate them. They turned out rather ugly each and every time I tried them. Maybe it is a technique that takes time and practice but seeing as they were ugly the FIRST time around I am not tempted to try and practice with them anymore.

I am thinking of selling my serger (I know, not knitting related). It's a nice one but my baby brother in law is getting married and we would like to be able to see it happen. Only problem is it's in another state and we don't have enough to get there. :( I'm hoping it doesn't need to be done but if so I have no problem doing it. Any takers? :)

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Meri said...

how much are you asking? ;)

I hope you can get to the wedding!