Monday, February 6

Sad news at the homestead

I had been following up on some leads for my serger this morning only to find out the few people interested no longer were. A shame. I need the money more than ever now.

My stepdad died this morning. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor shortly after he and my mom were married. He had gotten better for a bit but eventually got worse. From what I have been told he woke up early this morning and had a seizure. They were able to sedate him. He woke up shortly after that and told my mom, "Ahh thank you so much! I don't feel any more pain." and went back to sleep. My mom woke up a bit after that and he was gone. The funeral will be on Saturday.

We are trying to figure out how to get home for it. It's not looking good. He was such a sweet man and I'm sad that he was unable to see my daughter since she was tiny. We moved and haven't been back home in about six months. In that time his sight and hearing and everything else was slowly going. I don't think I had told him I loved him for some time now. :( Today is a shitty day!

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