Saturday, February 4


Seems there may be some actual interest in this serger. I tried pricing them last night and am so confused as to how much I should ask. It's a four cone one so that right makes it to where I can ask for over a hundred but I was on eBay and they had a ton for 90 bucks. But I know the key to eBay is start low so others bid high. *SIGH* I just don't know. I am thinking of asking $150 plus shipping which was about 28 when I got it. So an even $200. You think I am hoping for too much. That'd be the perfect amount for two tickets home (plus a little more...something like 30 bucks). Ugh, I just don't know!

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Meri said...

Hey -- If I was the only interest in your serger, I'm sorry -- finances aren't going to let me do it right now. I'm hoping there was someone else interested, so that you can get to that wedding!