Friday, February 24

Ahhh free at last!

*SIGH* You hear that? That sigh of happiness?

My knitting is not only done but it has been shipped!!! Silly me forgot to snap some pictures though. I was in such a hurry to get everything in one spot and getting the addresses written down and everything that it slipped my mind. Hopefully the mom's getting everything will send me some pics.

I sent out today two skeins of wool yarn, six diaper covers, two ties, two hats, and two scarves. The ties turned out neat. Well ONE tie turned out neat. That tie also happens to be knitted by S. She did such a good job! I was proud of my ugly piece of work and then she dropped hers off and I bowed my head in shame. Mine is shorter than hers. Why? Well at 11:30 last night it dawned on me the pattern says whatever length you wanted. Seeing as I was doing these for toddlers I figured it could be shorter with no issues. It should have been longer. I should have also blocked it. I was so unpleased with my tie after S dropped hers off that I pm'd the mama getting them and said if she feels it is too ugly in comparison to send it back and I will do it better. :)

I dyed S some yarn last night as a thank you for helping me. I wanted a tie dye effect so I tied it off in various parts and I think it turned out lovely. It smelled great! I think she liked it too. She was so happy about it she hugged me. :) And said she would add it to her special stash. :) I'm glad I made her some. She did an awesome job and all because I asked. You want a picture? I have a picture!

I found a mama from Mothering that happens to live by me! I'm super excited about that. Hopefully we can meet up and be crafty together. I have looked at her craft posts and they blow me away! She is one talented lady.

Ahhh I am so happy to have gotten everything done! I can now focus on ME stuff. I plan on restarting the longies I have started and attempting to finish them by the time I land at my sister's doorstep. Here's good luck to me!

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knitsteel said...

I like your hand dyed yarn. I have not been that ambitious yet- one craft at a time, or maybe 3 at a time.