Saturday, March 11

Whew! Back home.

Well that was an interesting bus ride. both to my sister's and coming home. I shan't bore you with details right now. Maybe later.

I did no knitting. Scratch that. I did none of the knitting I boasted I was going to do. I did find an excellent sock pattern and had managed to do a few rounds on my DPN's. Packing that into my bag for the trip home though proved to be a dumb idea so off the needles they came! Good thing I wasn't halfway through a sock.

I started on a washcloth for my sister though. I accidentally left it behind though which kind of bugs me. Not like I was going to get much knitting dome on the bus (daughter being sick and all). My sister had found some Sugar and Cream cotton yarn at the dollar store. Man!!! What a different type of knitting experience that was.

I bought (well my sister did) some yarn (I don't remember what kind) for a afgahn.throw for my couch. It's all the colors I am using. A beautiful combination of dark red, darker orange, and brown. I can't wait to get it started.

I babysat my neice while there (actually none was needeed. She was in bed the whole time) and for my payment I got two metal straights, a set of circulars, and some Freedom yarn. I do have something in mind for that yarn. I can't say what though because my sister may be reading this and I don't want her to know. :)

There is a thrift store in my sister's town that seems to be a congregating spot for wool yarn. My sister has found awesome wool there for a buck a skein so I naturally wanted to go. I got a small portion of grey wool (I love the look of grey wool for some reason) for 15 cents and a skein of black wool for 25 cents. I also got a wool knit sweater for my daughter for 50 cents. On the last trip there they had a basket LOADED with metal straights and some DPN's. I so wanted the whole thing! I didn't get any though. I wish I had. After using the pair my sister gave me it's nice. There's a different kind of slide to them than wooden ones.

Well off to start my Freedom yarn project!

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