Saturday, March 25

Oh the funk!

I am in a knitting funk. Just a knitting one. Not a creative or artistic funk but a knitting one. How do I know it's only knitting related? Last night I made a skirt, sewed two slings, and started patching my husband's pants. I was on fire!!! I picked up my knitting and did a couple rows but nothing worth mentioning. You know what I did?

Yeah. I frogged it. I was almost 50 rows into the bottom section of my purse and I frogged it. It just wasn't working for me. It's the multi-colored ball of yarn that I hand-dyed myself and while I love the coloring and the basketweave I was doing (well kind was more like two rows of knit and two rows of purl so it actually looked like a field with irrigation canals...I wasn't wanting to do a true basketweave) but you know what? It reminded me of Navajo patterns. While I like the concept they do not work for me. I do not like them and they make me cringe. They also make me think of my mother and her third husband. Not good.

So I just restarted it. I found a bag I liked and set off to do it. It's been frogged. This yarn needs to become something glorious as it is a glorious color scheme (at least I think so). See my plan was to make the body out of the multi-colored ball and to do the sides and strap out of the red I also dyed. When I started on the second version I was going to do it the same way but 1.) the pattern I found required less knitting/sewing than my original and 2.) I was going to add a flap to the body in the red. That sounds devine! It just ain't working.

I have also not touched the longies/shorties since casting on. Not true. I have about three rows done. Nothing more. Why is my knitting not speaking to me! I finally have a chance to do something for me (remember I was knitting for diapers) and I have no desire to actually do anything.

I suppose I could start on Christmas stuff but I don't really have anything set in stone for any body and all I have is acrylic and in ugly colors and now I am whining. How'd you like that? I am now whining. Ugh, I say, ugh!

Oh and you know what? K is a peeker/cheater!!! She finally caved, which I knew she would. Gotta give credit where credit is due. It took her longer to look than I thought! She finally came here and scrolled through and read about her project and saw the only picture I have of it so far. She called to confess. When I answered the phone she started with, "Hey there. I have to confess something. I had to do it! I looked at your blog." No beating around the bush there! I knew what it meant. I shrieked, "No you didn't! K you little do you like it?" She does! She can't wait to get it. She still doesn't know what it is though. Maybe I should save it til December and call it Christmas to her.

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