Monday, March 13


Ugh is my idea for my afghan. Well not really. Ugh is the sentiment for it right about now. I bought (actually my sister, K, did) some funky yarn in my color scheme to make into an afghan/throw. Only problem is I am too newbie of a knitter to feel confident enough to do it. I'm uncordinated and the yarn is hard to work with. I've not done anything this big before!!! I am so tempted to send it to someone and have them knit it up for me. I would so love it if someone did that! I'd even let them have some merino wool as an exchange cause that is one big knitting project to tackle (I think so at least).

I talked to K on the phone the other day and asked if she reads my blog. She said no and asked why. I told her I wanted to be able to talk about her Freedom yarn project on here and of course post pictures but I didn't want her to peek. She promised she wouldn't. So you wanna picture? Of course you do!

This is the yarn I'm using. It's Freedom wool and heaven on the hands! Like I said, not my coloring but definitely K's.

This is a picture of the pattern. Not the best picture but you get the idea. It's a simple basketweave and way easy to do. This is my first time doing it.

When we were in K's LYS she saw a saw a scarf with this pattern on it and was in love with it. So when she gave me this yarn I wanted to do something in it for her. I decided on a purse. I am thinking of lining it with a purple inside cause the opposite side is kind of ugly. :)


Meri said...

what kind of aghan are you planning? (stitch-wise) How soon do you need it done?

C. said...

I hadn't thought about stitches! I was just going to do a knit stitch the whole time!!! lol My, that would have been a project undertaking huh? I was hoping to get it done here soon. We are moving to Idaho in about two weeks so I was planning on getting it made up to use in this new place.

GailV said...

Have you considered doing it in squares that you then sew together? That's what Alison at the Blue Blog is doing for an afghan she's making (I think she's using Manos, and she's mitering the squares, which would be fiddly). You could even vary the knitting pattern just a bit, or sew some of them at a 90 degree angle to the others.