Thursday, March 16


Another project done and gone! As I realized it is NOT a purse due to lack of yarn but that doesn't mean it isn't wonderful! :)

I finished it up and it is currently pinned to my chair being blocked. I read how to do a cold water blocking so I tried that. It feels dry but knowing my hastiness I am forcing myself to keep it pinned to that chair until tomorrow morning. This is my first blocking of any kind so I'm nervous I did it wrong.

I successfully whipped out an I-cord as well. It took one attempt that was frogged before I got my current finished masterpiece of an I-cord but it wasn't too hard. I think my issue with the first try was too many stitches made it tough to work with.

I suppose you wanna know what, if not a purse, this project is? I decided to make it an eye glasses case/holder. It shall be lined with something pretty :) and it'll close with an I-cord wrap (to wrap around a button as there is a length on the end of it that is NOT I-cord). I need to find a glorius button and then my lining and tomorrow morning finish it all up. I think it'll turn out great! When it's all done I will post pictures (that should be a given).

And to think! I compared my masterpiece to a clutch the Queen might carry around cause I couldn't get my mind off the idea of a purse! The shame.

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