Sunday, March 19

An almost completly non-related to knitting post

Non-related portion: Yesterday was hard on my body. Not as in, "Oh the day was tough" but as in, "Ouch! That freaking hurt!"

Our buddy, T, wanted us to go to lunch and run an errand with him in an attempt to keep us from moving. We ran the errand first. He needed to return something to Best Buy so off we went. I sat in the back seat with S and when we got there, pulled her out of her car seat, got out of the car, and got her in the sling. Here comes the ouch part. I somehow managed to shut my thigh in the car door as I slammed it shut. Yeah. "Hello. My name is C and at 20 years old I don't know how to shut a car door." "Hello C!!!" I think it is already starting to bruise. The spot hurts pretty bad. I just don't know how I managed to shut that portion of my leg in a door!

Part 2 of the ouch. We went and saw a movie last night with T and his two stepsons. Because we had S with us (obviously) there wasn't enough room in the car for three adults, two teenagers, and a baby in a carseat. DH drove me home first then ran back and got the guys. Once tehy got back DH went over to T's to do some design work with him. I finished up what I was doing here and headed over to T's house. S was still asleep in the sling so I was going a werid kind of slow so as not to wake her up. I locked the door and headed on my way. I fell. I fell off the curb and as I fell backwards I tripped ove rthe curb AGAIN. I twisted my ankle and I think I hit S's head. I can't be sure though. It all happened so fast. I think my arm was under her enough and high enough up that she managed to not get hurt but she was upset. She had a weird night in regards to sleeping. That's what makes me think I hit her head or maybe jerked it and gave her whiplash or something. She'd wake up every now and then and scream out and cry like she was in pain. :( I am getting afraid to use my sling. This is the second time I have fallen. Granted neither time was S hurt but it's scary. Onthe flip side though had she not been in the sling when I fell last night she would have fallen and smacked her head and body onto the concrete. Thank god that didn't happen! My ankle is now the size of a golf ball and hurts like you would not believe! I woke up in pain last night just from rolling over. I know I should stay off it and elevate it but come on! Is that really feasible? I think not!

Knitting related part: I have figured out what I will be knitting for charity. I will do some burial buntings/gowns for the hospital (especially preemie sized ones), scarves and hats for the homeless, and something for the abused kids home in the state we are moving to. So that's all my knitting news for now. Off to feed the munchkin!

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