Saturday, March 18

Charity Knitting

OMG! Why did I not think about this before?!

I just read a thread on Mothering for charity knitting. So I clicked a link, clicked another link and read some things for my state. Why am I not using the entire tupperware box full of acrylic yarn for things like scarves??!! I currently have one thing OTN and I'm being slow on that so it's not like I am swamped down with personal items! I think I need to get my but in gear and write up a list and find some things to knit and do it. What a great way to get practice, try out new techiniques, and most importantly help someone. Ever see Pay It Forward?

I'm thinking I really should do something like this. I recently just posted on Mothering about the crappy quality of items donated to food box places. We had to go yesterday and it was bad. Food is out of date (food that is iffy a.k.a. dairy and meats) and just icky. We made something yesterday that had bugs big enough to see without lifting the pot off the stove. :( Needless to say I was feeling icky for being poor. :) I posted a slight vent about it and forgot about it.

This morning I open up my homepage (which is set to Mothering) and I see I have a PM. I open it up and it's vauge and odd sounding. The person wants to know if I have paypal cause they got a big tip today. My first thought? Porn spam. I write back anyways cause I am curious. The lady wrote me back and apologized and clarified. She had seen my whine/rant and had wanted to send me some paypal. She had received a big tip at work today and since they don't need it (her words!) she wanted to pass it and some good karma onto me and my family. I was shocked and so overwhelmed with this strangers generousity. I let her know my paypal and went about doing some stuff. I went and checked and you know what she sends me? 55 dollars!!!!!!!! Yes, folks, a complete stranger sent me $55 because she didn't need the money herself. It's people like her that really make the world go 'round. :) (If you are reading this THANK YOU yet again!!!)

Pay It Forward is definitely a concept we do in my household and I think Charity Knitting is something that needs to be done in this instance.


Vegan Knitting said...

That's awesome! Mothering has such generous people. I am doing charity knitting for Afghans for Afghans and quite a few members have been really generous (see my new post from today on my blog).

knitsteel said...

I'm so glad you shared this story on your blog.

GailV said...

That is so inspiring on so many levels!