Tuesday, February 21

The finish line is near!

My Freecycle lady (I suppose I should stop calling her that and maybe use the initial of her name....Freecycle lady is now S!) dropped the hats off. We missed each other and barely! I must have walked upstairs and gotten in the shower when she dropped them off. They are lovely looking! I have been putting the baby one on my babe, I just love it! The adult hat is perfect to! It fits me AND my big headed husband. :) S stopped by last night to grab more yarn to help me finish up the tie set. I am leaving on Saturday to go see my sister so I asked if possible if S could get it done by then. She seems optimistic as do I. After all it's just knit stitch with a few decreases. Time consuming considering it's 52 inches long but super easy none the less. Once that is done and delivered I shall take pictures of EVERYTHING and finally mail it all. Then I can officially start my longies (which have already been started). I am using a pattern that requires seaming since it is knit in the flat (I don't have circulars and am not daring enough to try knitting in the round on DPN's yet). So I have the front part of the waist band almost finished. I've tweaked the pattern a bit due to some mess ups and am happy I did! It is turning out so cute! I am afraid I will run out of yarn though. I bought this random acrylic back in December when I started to learn how to knit. I was going to make a scarf for me out of it but decided that a scarf was simply not glorius enough for this yarn. So I unraveled it, wound it into a ball, and stashed it away. I realized that longies were glorious enough for this yarn so pulled it out again just recently. I only have one ball though. :( I am doing the waist band (plus some of the body...a total of 6 or 7 inches) in this co-ordinating color but am still unsure. I just don't know if using this color will give me enough to make a whole pair. I really hope so. I suppose I could always go back to the store I bought this yarn from and see if they have anymore. It's not like it's hand dyed...there are bound to be millions of this color lot.

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