Wednesday, February 8

Still trying

Well we are still trying to get home. I finally went against everything my gut was telling me and asked my mom. I just don't think it was right but I also don't think it's right we miss his funeral. I haven't heard back from her (I emailed her since it was so late at night when I did it) and I'm not sure I will. If anything I fully expect her to call me an ungrateful bitch. Yup, that's my mom for you.

DH asked his dad this morning about helping us get there. I had no idea he did that until about an hour ago. He finally said he had asked but didn't want to tell me until he knew cause he didn't want my hopes to get crushed. :) Yeah, I love him. I guess his dad said he would think about it and DH will call in the morning. God, I hope they say would be so much better than having my mom do it.

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