Monday, February 6

Holy speedy knitting batman!

I need to get this good!!! Maybe I am just lazy or maybe this woman stays up all day long (she works at night) and can function on twenty minutes of sleep. Who knows!!??

What am I talking about?

Remeber my shameless plug for help parts one and two? Remember the woman who is knitting for me so I can get these blasted projects over and done with? Remember the woman who actually stayed in contact with me and picked everything up the day she said she would unlike the first lady?

Well she's done. Yes the woman who picked up everything less than a week ago has knitted to hats already! AND because the adult size one turned out a bit wonky and the baby one needs to be bigger she has undone them AND is redoing them!!!! I LOVE THIS WOMAN!!!!! I seriously think my knitting skills are lacking. It so would have taken me a lot longer to do them than it has taken her. I wonder how long she has been knitting?

On the funeral news yet as to whether or not we can go. I have tried selling some stuff and have only succeeded in selling two skeins of sock yarn that I had my heart set on using for me. It's a lovely Russian wool and it was an even more lovely shade of red (think raspberry). Oh well, if it can get us home to be there then so be it!

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