Saturday, August 4

I love small FO's

And copy and paste. Both of which will be present here today. :) I'm sure there are a few of you who will read all about these in a few places. What can I say? I'm a lazy blogger/poster....I like copy and paste. :)

Just another pair of Picky Pants Longies. ONLY this time! the body yarn is Mosaic Moon Organic Wool in the Sunny Days colorway. I have had that yarn forever and have been dying to use it. I had started a pair in the same yarns for DD (size small) but for some reason never got around to getting past the waistband. Not sure what happened.

Knit Picks Wool of the Andes for the waist and cuffs
Mosaic Moon Organic Wool (OMG the softness of that yarn....even DH fondles them )
Longer ribbing in the waist
Longer lengths (before the gusset section I bumped the length to 4 inches as opposed to 3 3/4 and the legs are about 4 inches as well I think)
Size newborn
Backside increases only
Garter ridge and icord bind off on cuffs
Crochet drawstring (with a strand of both yarns)

For those who don't like pooling: the only spot where it did anything funny was at the leg split. Once leg (the left) has a section of yellows and orange-yellows and the other leg has the reds and pinks. Not sure how that happened or why since it was still in the body section and not the actual split of the legs. I never had to tweak anything to get it to stay consistent. This yarn rocks!!! It is sooooo soft and the colors are fantastic and don't pool (at least on a newborn size ) and are sooooo soft.

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