Monday, August 6

It started as late night boredom..

well kind of. Our current tub is an old claw foot one. We live in an old/former opera house and our apartment was actually one of the original dressing rooms. Over the years the shower has been rigged with some cleverness to also be a shower. Being older we don't have a lip/curb/whatever that goes around our tub where it would be attached to the wall. Our tub just sits there in the bathroom with one lip against the wall. Nothing fancy. As a result we have no where to put things like soap or shampoo etc. Soap has been an issue forever. We normally just stick it in a little tupperware bowl and either balance it carefully on the lip against the wall or carefully on the faucet. It has a tendency to fall. A lot. The husband prefers to shower so not only does it fall but it gets set on the bottom of the tub and gets to take it's own personal bath. Which is good because every time it falls it gets dirty. It's a rough life.

So last night as I was soaking in the tub I was staring at this soap getting more and more irritated. The husband asked for some solution since he too was tired of the life it lives. Why did it not dawn on me before (before you say buy a hanging shower caddy don't think it hasn't been an option...however when we are shopping it's generally the last thing on our minds until we get home...we're slackers) to knit a soap sack? I have talked about it before when I was making my sisters but our tub situation was different then. It wouldn't have been such a highly praised item at the item. It would have been just an item. Here though it's a godsend. For us and the soap. :)

NOTE: This pattern is now a PDF (through Ravelry) available for purchase.
Super simple but with a little oomph in there. Ours is now hanging from the part of the faucet you pull up to switch to shower mode (hence the wet spot on the actual bag in the picture). I started the bottom orange last night and got to my color change and then went to bed. I finished it up in about an hour this morning. The mancub is looking forward to using it tonight. :)


cici said...

wow.. i love it... what a marvelous idea... going to give as gifts... thanks!!!:D

Anonymous said...

Ohhh starting on this right now :) Love the idea.

Here is a direct link to the cast on method never tried it so that will be a first.

Am posting how i go at Check it out for photos!