Wednesday, September 3

Hey look! A non-yarn FO!

And no mention of fiber either! (unless you count that one :) )

A little bit ago my sister sent me a box with some yarn in it. she had attempted to learn to knit but in the end it just wasn't for her. So she sent me her supplies and asked that I finish up the pair she started and then make a second pair. So I said sure. So here they are.
Unknown heathered yarn (the color is NOT true in the pictures)
Elastic wasitband
Increases and short rows (size small)
Picot cuff
7 inch inseam

I'll be adding a couple stars on there somewhere, to liven it up a bit. Although I do like them as is. I tried them on the hulky wee one and they fit so these will definitely fit her wee one...with some room to grow. The second pair is in a red tweedy yarn (again unknown brand). I love it so far. Nice and smooth. I'm already past the wasitband and increases (same format as the pair above). The husband is gone for a few days so it's likely the red pair will get finished quicker.

I need to get them done and a coupe other small things and then I can focus on me stuff again. I am going to be picking up the Feb. Lady Sweater again (possibly tonight) though! Part of the supplies the sister sent was a pair of DPN's. That makes for 2 pairs in my possession, only one of which is needed to knit longies. I had to sneak out my 12 inch circ. from the arm on the sweater when I got her stuff and it has been sitting in the corner ever since. I cannot wait to pick it back up. My short sleeved lace sweater will be done in time for fall! :)

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