Monday, September 1

A yarny FO- a spinning post :)

I recently organized a fiber swap over on mothering. It was pretty small since there aren't a lot of spinners on there. It turned out pretty well I think. There were a couple glitches but one was the post office mis-directing a package. I think there is only one or two more left to be delivered, one of which is headed to England. Mine came from there. It was/is lovely! :)

This is my first skein from some of my swap fiber. It's an alpaca and tussah silk blend. I enjoyed spinning it since it's new to me but I don't think I'll spin either of these again. The alpaca sheds like crazy and is sticky and the silk reminds me of hair. While it was enjoyable there were plenty of moments of frustration. Not with the fiber but with the inherent qualities of the fiber itself. A big change from the basic merino I have been spinning. The bat came combed so all I had to do was start the spinning (the white is the silk). It's about 2 ounces with 20 a lace/baby weight. I'm thrilled as all get out that I managed to do a THIN 2 ply. I can spin a thin single just fine but once I start plying I get a much thicker (and usually not wanted) yarn. Not sure what I'll make with it yet. I had been thinking of something for the mother in law since she was really taken with it while I was spinning but nothing is screaming at me yet.

I have more pictures but for the sake of blog fodder will spread them out. Each thing of fiber I got deserves it's own post. :)

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a birth activist said...

Ooooo, that is gorgeous! I have no desire to spin, but I like it when other people do it :)

Sorry I haven't gotten back to you on the pictures, it was crazy around here with my sister/her kids/my dad coming to visit. I'll try to PM you later this week