Sunday, September 28

Lovely longies

Holy crap. Knitting content.

Pattern: Picky Pants
Size: Small with backside increases and extended short rows: 9 inch inseam
Yarn: Cascade 220 Tweed
I LOVE these. Too bad they are not for us. These are for my neice (to go with the greenish pair). I barely squeeked by on yardage. I had enough when I was done to tidy up the crotch a bit and have maybe 3 inches left. In fact the first leg had a picot hem (thank heavens I didn't seam it up yet!) and when I got done with the second leg I barely made it to 9 inches and still needed to bind off. So I undid the first leg and snuck away two rounds and voila! I so want these. I tried them on my wee one and they looked cute on her (and she's much larger so they fit more snugly) so I'm sure they are going to be oh so sweet on my neice.
I need some Cascade Tweed.

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