Friday, September 12

It's genetic...

and I should give credit where credit is due. At least that's what my dad said the other night when I proudly proclaimed my cleverness with the craftiness. :)

First up is some yarn I dyed recently. This is some of my licorice twist from Catnip Yarns. To say I was dissapointed in it the first time around would be true. To say that again this time around would be a gross understatement. For the unaware licorice twist has a strand/ply that holds dye darker than the rest. Little Turtle Knits has some gorgeous skeins of it. I bought this undyed so I could play around and get results that, while not exactly like LTK, would remind me of them. I have yet to get that. The ply that holds darker hardly holds it. In fact unless you hold this up to your eye you cannot see most colors. I am able to see it more on the red but other than that it's a trick to see it. I have now done 7 colors (pink, green [the first two skeins of this], goldish, orange-red, red, purple, and navy blue) and the only time it's been a noticeable difference is on the red. I'm very ornry about it all. Overall though I LOVE how this skein turned out. I originally was only going to do the gold, red, and blue (which was actually supposed to be a purply color) but after I dumped the gold/yellow color in I thought doing some transition colors would be a good idea. So I mixed the yellow and red and then the red and blue. I was hoping to create smoother transitions. I haven't started knitting with it yet but have some plans for it. I did a huge amount so that I could do longies but I'm not sure I did enough. We shall see.

And here we have proof I really am working on the Feb. Lady Sweater. I finished up the second arm this morning. Well I finished up the redo of the first arm. It looks like I'm doing the shortest arm length out of everyone on Ravelry and what not. I'm still up in the air about this. The original reason was due to laziness...I just didn't want to do long arms since I wanted to be able to hurry and get this done with (ha! This has proved to be a long project). I asked the husband today as he snapped the bottom pic what he thought and while he wasn't announcing his absolute love and adoration at the state of my sleeves he didn't say they were bad either. I did 10 repeats and then 2 garter ridges (3 technically if you count my bind off). I was browsing through the ones on Ravelry and saw someone mention they decreased out the picked up stitches. I tried it out on the second sleeve and loved it which is why I redid the first arm. I decreased every round down to the original 56 stitches. I just k2tog on every one so I think it only took 4ish rounds...maybe 5. On the last round I k3tog. I didn't write it down so I can't be sure. The sleeves are not the same but I was too lazy to care by the time I noticed. The first lace repeat (the one done before you section off the sleeves) is off to the side. I'm not sure how it happened but as I was counting up my repeats to see how many repeats I had left I noticed it looked off. Being the optimist, I've decided it's that first repeat that is off and not the remaining 9. :) I'm ok with it. Once on you can't really tell and since the yarn is black it's even harder to see. It's just me and the wee ones home this weekend so I'm going to be working on this...I might work on a sock as well but my focus is going to be this. All I have left to do is the body and it should be easy enough to whip out some decent length

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