Saturday, September 13

Sock it to me!

Last night, as the wee ones settled into bed, I decided to start spinning instead of working on Feb. Lady. Naturally. When do I ever actually work on what I blog about. :) These are some sock bats from Freyalyn over on etsy. This is her sockstuff with glitz. These were part of my fiber swap. It's 100g. of 80% wool/ 20% nylon. I was waiting for my mom to replace the drive band on her spinning wheel so I could spin this up faster than I actually can but it doesn't seem to be happening. So I pulled it out last night. First impression is so-so. I started at the bottom with some red (I'm planning on bouncing back and forth between the ends so so far I've done some red and some of the greeny color that you can hardly see in the pic.) and colorwise it spins up GORGEOUSLY. That is soe seriously lovely red. I know. I love red. This is a good red. All the colors (well the two I've done so far) are nice and saturated. I have yet to notice any of the glitz. You can see it in the bat but once you start spinning it sort of dissapears. Not sure if it was just my lighting or the amount of glitz I've grabbed so far or what. If I were to hand this off to someone and say there was glitz in there though they might think I was lying. The fiber is rough. Not, "Woah! I won't wear that!" but more of a.....tweedy. Comforting rough. Make sense? Probably not. I can't feel the twist move up the fiber as I spin either. Now I tend to over spin and can really feel it move up the entire length as I go. I know I was overspinning last night but I wasn't able to feel it. Now this is not a problem really. It just means I need to pay attention to it to make sure my twist is getting up there before I roll it on to my cop. Sort of irritating to me. I like to mindlessly spin. I tend to spin while watching movies because I don't have to pay attention to it if I don't want to. I can feel the work getting done and that's good enough for me. Not so much with this. That's ok though. I'm hoping it was jsut a fluke thing last night. I can't wait to finish up the first 2 bats (2 per skein) and ply. I'm debating how to ply. I think I'll do a two ply and start at opposite ends. So a red end on the first ply and then ply that to the purple color on the end of the second ply. Make sense? Probably not. :)

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