Sunday, October 5


My first go round with embroidery. Oh how I love these pants! The tree could be a bit better but hey! I never said I could embroider. :)

Stats:Pattern: Picky PantsSize: Medium! This is the first pair of mediums I have had to make for us.Pattern specs: Short rows, over a 9 inch inseam, elastic waistband, garter crotchYarn: Paton's Merino: Deep Olive (main body and in between stripes and cuff)Wool of the Andes: Avocado (first and third stripes) and Fern (middle stripe)

I love how the leaves came out. They are actually embroidered on whereas the tree is just a crochet chain that I stitched on. Every where I read says not to use merino on soakers/covers/longies since it has crap memory and losses it shape pretty fast. I've used it here and there but not on a project this large before. I believe them now. :) I can't tell if it's all because of the merino or if a lot of it is the fact that she's still mostly crawling so she's got that downward pull on the legs all day long. Either way is fine by me. These will definitely last the fall and winter. I'm in the process of making another pair but minus the embroidery. :)

Oh and I have got an utterly fantasticly awesome post for tomorrow. It includes fiber and fiber tools. I know. Hold on to your seats. The anticipation is bound to get you. :)

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