Wednesday, October 8

Feb. Lady Sweater...

"to fit a grown ass woman".

More like piss off a grown ass woman.

It does not matter how well I count or how many stupid little stitch markers I use or how slowly and deliberately I go by the end of row 1 (ONE!) of the lace pattern my count is off. I have avoided knitting on this damn thing for awhile because of it (and I'm still not happy with the arms). I finally pick it up since I actually have time and the mood to knit on it and what do you know, my count is off. It's getting extremely irritating. I'm on the verge of frogging the damn thing. I know in the end this will be one of those projects that was worth it but good grief! There may not be a "in the end" at the rate I'm going. I will finish this thing if it kills me though. And it may.
I am needing to write out a goals list. I have a lot of things on my plate that need to be knitted and be done with. I also need to finish the stupid q&a for the master's program but I'm avoiding it. Once my question gets answered over on MDC I'm putting a self-imposed knitting ban on myself. I just need to get this finished already! There isn't that much left to it and I'm dragging my feet. It's the easy stuff now too. I will finish that too!
Sheesh. How's this for a somewhat cantankerous post. :)

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