Friday, October 10

Something to get excited about!

(Fiber bag avalable over at my etsy store..filled here with 4 ounces of fiber...also good for knitting projects)
Not too long ago I joined the etsy mama's tribe on mothering. I posted a quickie to mark my spot so I could find it easy and then forgot about it. It popped up on new posts today wihch reminded me to go check on the store. It had been a couple days so I headed over and was surprised to see two conversations (basically emails hosted there on the site). I open them up and was even more surprised to see they were from the same person! Apparently they really wanted to talk to me. The person trying to get a hold of me was Jessie from PhatFiber ( ). Going to her site you won't find much yet. Her store though will be sampler boxes (her blog about it is here: ).
So the point of her getting a hold of me was to see if I would be a contributor to her debut box(s) in Jan.!! I'll be working on getting my samples worked up. There is a theme (Wintery Mix) so there will be some dyeing and some sewing and maybe some spinning. We shall see on that last one. I am so excited! What a nice little way to promote my stuff you know? I need to work up some business/promo cards to also include. I am so excited!
Nothing in my store has sold yet but I have hope. Woo hoo!

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