Sunday, October 26

Occasionally I do knit

Fall is here. Obviously. We like the park. Cold and park do not normally go together well though. The oldest wee one has been wanting to go and swing for days now but the parent in me tends to kick in and say no, you're hands will freeze. So I got on Ravelry last night and tracked down a mitten pattern. It happened pretty fast and the knitting happened even faster! I love these. I'll be making more.
Pattern: These .... Kidlett Mittens. Done flat and in garter stitch. I did these in an unknown wool yarn (gift from a friend) on size 6's. Perfecct fit for my 3 year old.
Since it's colder here and the youngest wee one needs longies I've been working on some. I ended up frogging a pair because...well...they sucked. :) These former shorties still fit so why not make them longies!? I undid the cuff and picked up my stitches and went to work. They aren't my favorite and I need to figure out how to make the legs "fit in" better with the body. One problem is the body yarn is substantially more faded than the legs. I knew that would happen but I was hoping it wouldn't be as noticable. I am trying to come up with something to embroider on the upper body in an attempt to bring the darker bolder colors up and make the faded colors less obvious. I'm not sure it will work but who knows? I'm not in too big a hurry. They work, they look cute on, and they are done. That's all I was going for really. :)


Anonymous said...

Great mittens ( now I have yet another pattern for mittens, yeah!)!!
And the long pants will work to keep your little one's legs warm even if they don't match perfectly with the tushy part. It's a good starting off point. Maybe you'll even invent a pattern of your own!
~~ Lisa
( checking if my post comes through)

Kim and Dean said...

LOL now I can see what you mean about your shorties turned longies. :) Chalk it up to a learning experiance, but in the meantime at least she will still be warm :)