Monday, October 6

Are you ready?

Because within this post you will behold something so utterly fantastic it will cause you to wet yourself. Don't say I haven't warned you.

So the other day I called my mom up to see if I could borrow those combs. I had decided to participate in a monthly spinning challenge on Ravelry and the fiber I was working with would be best combed. She said sure and did I want her to send those two lovely Ashford spindles as well? Sure! And what about some fiber? Absolutely! And I have a question...would you like to try my wheel!!?? Ummmm....YES!!!So there it is. Sitting in my house. All for me. A lovely Ashford Traditional. I do need to run and get a maintence kit to replace some things but once I do that I will be good to go! That basket next to it has a ton of wool and a bit of llaama in it. Yesterday she sent me even more...a 13 gallon bag of wool (cleaned by was a raw fleece), a 12x8x8 box with store bought corridale (undyed! and in roving form), and a box that fit 12 32 oz. bottles in it full of gorgeous chocolate brown llama. I am so excited at the amount of fiber I have somehow fallen into in the last couple months..and all different kinds! Breaking away from the merino baby!

I need more dye. I have way too much white stuff. :)

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