Friday, January 30

It's been knit: Nougat longies

These remind of the nougat you find in candy bars. That's where all my joy in them ends though. I hate the way the legs changed so much. I tried knitting more stitches, I broke the yarn and started in a different spot, I knit from both ends of the ball. Didn't matter. This is what I got. I could deal with that though. Once they were on it wasn't so bad and I'm sure I can find a cute shirt to go with them. They bleed though. Like crazy amounts. The night I washed and lanolized them my sink looked like it had liquid rust in it. The longies faded. I was pissed. Then the wee one got sick and threw up on them. I washed them again and my sink once again looked filled with rust. The didn't fade as much but the peachy color looks greyish now. I'm surprised considering this is/was a commerical yarn...I would expect this amount out of a hand-dyed skein but not out of commerical. It's still bleeding. My diapers have splotches of orange everywhere (and oddly enough some purply/red). Oh well. She needed more longies and these will work. I used up all the yarn on these. I split the ball for the legs an just knit til I ran out before switching to the cuff. It barely is long enough! I was pretty pelased with that amount of luck. When I washed them (both times) I blocked in some extra length so now they are about as long as I would have made them if I had had more yarn.
Pattern: Picky Pants
Needles: 8's
Size: Small with increases and short rows
Yarn: Red Heart Knitting Worsted Virgin Wool (don't bother tracking it won''s ancient and I got it for .50 at a thrift store back in November.)

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