Saturday, January 17

Stash Up Yarn

The first of many!

This is from Stash Up Yarns. They do hand-painted yarns. This one is 70% superwash merino wool and 30% sea cell. I'm excited about that. I haven't used sea cell before, though I've seen it mentioned on many a blog. First impression: lovely. It's squishy (I saw someone mention the sea cell can be "crunchy"...not sure if it's due to the amount in this or not but I have no crunch) and the color is awesome! It has spring but doesn't loose it's shape when you pull it. I've had to re-cast on a few times (I was in a mood for fast and was picking needles too large) and it still has it's twist. No color has come off on my needles either! That's kind of important when you dye something. Details. :) I'm going to make a Mochi Mochi heart (or two if I have enough) for the oldest wee one (I want to make a bunch for Valentine's Day). I racked my brain trying to figure out what I could knit with all these samples and that seemed perfect to me. So that'll be my "swatch". Stay tuned! :)

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Soap Mogul said...

I wanna see the hearts you knit up!
Looks like you're having fun!