Thursday, January 8

A recap

Belated but there you have it. :)

Total items knitted for 2008:

Item brakedown:
Mittens: 1 pair
Washrags: 5 (2 idiots dishcloth, 1 ballband, and 2 tribbles)
Diaper covers: 14 (3 soakers, 1 wrap, 9 shorties/longies, 1 skirtie)
Socks: 4 (3 singletons and 1 pair of baby slippers)
Hats: 2 (one beanies and one self pattern)
Toys: 10 (5 eggs, 3 hearts, 1 Sheldon turtle, and 1 Robbie the fish)
Cozies: 3 (all cable mug cozies for Christmas)

Skeins of yarn spun:
9.5 (9 whole plus the one mini skein)

Item brakedown:
1 skein Superwash Sock bat: "Cherry Glen" 14 wpi
1 skein with mini skein of contrasting Merino: "Sand Dunes" 16 wpi (used for hat)
3 skeins of lavender BFL: "Spring Kiss" 15 wpi
1 skein Alpaca/Tussah Silk Blend: "Graham Cracker" 20 wpi
3 skeins of Red Merino: 1 navajo plied, 1 single, and 1 2-ply: 2-ply is 13 ply. Other skeins are not measured yet.

Not too shabby I don't think. :) I replied the sock yarn and am much more pleased with it. It just needed extra stick to it. I'm working on some Cotswold Lamb roving right now but there isn't a picture yet. It's undyed/natural so all you'd see is a blob of white anyhow. :)

I think I am going to keep track of the amount of yarn I use this year. There are various widgets and I think it would be interesting to see what I use up. I have a pair of longies in the works right now which I'm tempted to frog for that reason. That and they are ugly. They look like carpet from the 70's. I have another pair of longies in the works for Allie (where the blue pair went) but I won't frog those. I'll just do some simple math to figure it out based off how much I have left in the end. Oh so scientific I know.

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