Sunday, January 11

The official Etsy packaging

(Four colorways: Jack Frost, Ice Drops, Chilled Forest, Winter's Dusk)

This was very much not what I had planned on nor envisioned but it works. I'm signed up for next month to have a spot and I'm debating whether or not to do it. If I do I need to start now so I can get better packaging. I was very stressed and did not give myself enough time to get everything done. Oh well. It was a good lesson/experience. These were somewhat time intensive in assembling. I was able to stuff and tie one night while I slept in the living room (a throwing up baby in the bed is never good...I'd rather clean it off the carpet). It took forever!

This is almost all of them. I think there were 7 missing at this point and I finished them up the next morning. I tried to get a picture of the actual fiber but it proved to be more difficult than I was willing to entertain. There is not an even number of packages for each color way. I originally started out with just Jack Frost but dying is a fickle thing and I ended up with three different colors. I split them up but only had 39 samples. I really wanted a box of my own so I came up with Chilled Forest for the last and final batch. I really hope they spin well. I tested a small batch of Jack Frost (or maybe it was Winter's Dusk) and it spun very nice and even.

Lime and Violet are getting a box. I'm actually nervous. I have listened to their podcast for awhile now and know they are honest in their reviews of items. I hope they don't think my stuff is crap. :)

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