Sunday, January 4

Never before seen stuff

This is a horrible picture I know. This is more of my red merino. The big skein has been done for sometime. The small skein I happened to find sitting in a bowl of potpurri. Not sure why. It's only a 1 ply but I plan on fixing that. No idea how big the ball is weight wise. I am getting a yarn meter in the mail this week and will finally be able to give yardage!!!! I am so damn excited about that. It's a 13 wpi (the main ball). I'm pretty pelased with it. I'm working on the last bit (!!!!) right now. I replied the sock yarn and am currently soaking it. Now that I got enough twist for it to hold together it doesn't want to let go of the extra twist. I'm getting mroe and mroe irritated by it.
This is a creation of my own. I needed to make a hat for someone that was long overdue. This is jsut the back. I'm calling it "Red's Riding Hood" and will be writing out the pattern here soon. Best of all? Chunky yarn. Well that might be the best part. I'm not a fan of chunky yarn and have no desire to knit with it again. :)

These are the first of 4. They are for a friend who had a baby, bought the yarn and had it sent to me, and then waited ever so patiently while I sat on my duff not being nearly productive enough. :) They are a newborn with increases and short rows and an 8 inch inseam. Just some Wool of the Andes in Onyx Heather and Sapphire Heather. I was so sad to send these away. They are just gorgeous!


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