Saturday, December 23

Everything but...

*WARNING: There are NO pictures in this post! The camera is in the witness protection group as deemed neccessary by the youngest wee one.*

I have done everything BUT finish up my holiday knitting. I have done Sheldon and a tarot card bag and 8 of 10 panels for a starfish and THAT. IS. IT. I have cast on for multiple socks (read three toddler ones and one adult one) and frogged them all. The adult one was frogged part way through the gusset!! I tried it on. It didn't fit. It got frogged. I broke a needle prior to frogging. Yeah, damn size 2 needles. Super strong those ones are.

I have been busy though doing yarn things that don't involve frogging. I just finished up spinning a hank of splendidness.
(Ok I lied. There is a picture BBUT this is an old one that has been conviently put into Photobucket. This is the only picture..I swwar.) This is the roving prespinning. I split it in half (although I forgot to do it until some had already been spun. Oddly enough I had more of the color I expected to have less of...) I did one ply in the white that you see there and the other ply I tea dyed. Like I said, I had more of the tea dyed single than the white. Which is odd cause the white was spun first. Who knows. I suck at that whole even amount of yardage thing. Doesn't help that I usually forget to do it until AFTER some has been spun. When I first got this stuff it was like butter...creamy and soft and golden. By the time I got around to it though it had been hastily packed and stuck in a Uhaul which was then snowed on and basically frozen and then crammed into a freezing garage in a box that was left open. It wasn't so soft anymore. Or golden. Or creamy. Eh. I think I felted the dyed portion a bit.I had forgotten I needed a mordant and had gone about the whole business of heating and slightly boiling it. Then I added the vinegar and redid it. It's been heat loved for sure. I wasn't sure I liked it as I was plying it together bbut I think it will knit up very pretty. I like it more and more as I look at it. I have a slight amount left over of the brown and I think I'll use that as trim of some sort on some project. Not sure what it will become yet. I have a lot more than I thought I wouold which is always nice.

I am off to bed where I am sure I will have demonic dreams concerning my lack of holiday knitting. But damn if I don't have some lovely handspun!

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