Monday, December 18

The Replacements

D and I went over to the LYS today to replace my spindle and stupid tiny needles. The lady seemed unsure of the fact that she was able to do it. It did happen though. :) I have been spinning for the last twenty minutes or so and I am so happy! It's such a different type of relaxation. I love it. I am very very happy.

I did get the shorter needles this time around. The original sets I got I had one long set and it was awkward. I think part of the reason I broke one of my 2's was because of the length. There was too much needle for it too be that thin. I think I am going to frog the sock for my mother in law and start them on the 2's. While I am loving using my own handmade needles I think they are slightly too big for how unthick the yarn is. It's not making a very dense or warm looking sock.

I finished up some more gifts. I finished the wand for the stepson but it looked totally bad (as in perverse :) ) so I frogged it. I am almost done with his starfish..I have three more panels and then onto seaming and stuffing. I finished up a tarot card bag for the husband. He actually got it last night. I was so excited (this is the first official thing I've made him since I learned to knit) and I wanted to give it to him. I think he likes it. Not sure. :) I want to make him a moth/nose area thingy so he can walk in the mornings. I think I am going to have to wing it but basically a headband for his face so he can keep his breath warm (breathing issues). I have no pictures since the wee wee one hid the camera. It's done in the Cascade Stripes sock yarn though. I doubled it up and used the pattern over at Hippy Mama Knits blog. I like the way it turned out. I did make it a tad shorter than I would like. The deck fits in it and everything but it's a tight squeeze length wise. It sits right below the ribbing and drawstring. I could have done two or three more rows and been just fine.

I'm slacking with all the other gifts. I am almost tempted to do a wine cozy real fast. We are headed to my uncles for Christmas and one happens to be quite the wine lover. to spin.

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