Saturday, December 9

Rest in peace Dear Schacht


My hi-lo Schacht spindle is broken. May it rest in pease. I have had the spinning urge lately but have avoided it due to holiday knitting. About a week or so ago I went to a knitting party where I found an odd piece of wood and a hook in my knitting bag. Not sure where it came from I tucked it away and went about my business. Once home I pulled out the spindle and gasped. The top (the part where the hook screws into the shaft) had split in half. I'm not sure..I have a feeling it happened when things got haphazardly chucked into the closet now know as my knitting closet. One can never know. I'm tempted to glue it back together but I know it won't work.

LUCKILY, I called the store I bought it at and explained what happened (minus the closet and the throwing of items). They said as long as I have my recepit (which I do!) I can return it and get a new one or my money back. So I searched for all of five minutes in a totally unorganized manner and you know what? I can't find the freaking recepit!!! I know I have it but I can't locate it. The stupid place does hand written ones to boot. Do you know how many things have writing on it in my house! I have a feeling I may become very angry over this situation here shortly.

I have been composing today's post in my head since about 11 this morning. I have wanted to blog all day long but felt guilty at the thought of doing something frivolous like that when I should be knitting. So instead of blogging I googled knitting blgos and browsed through a ring while I knitted. I didn't get much done but at least I was being knitter-ly. If that's even a word.

In a fit of non-motivated knitting I cast on socks for my mother in law. When I was organizing my closet the other day all my glorious sock yarn was staring me down. A short bit ago I bought Mountain Colors Superwash in Gold Rush. Once I had made up my mind to knit my mother in law some socks (back at Thanksgiving) I decided that this yarn was destined for her. Not so sure now. I'm not liking the color. Due to some very informative ladies over at MDC I was informed that while it is superwash I can indeed dye it and that to make the colors more earthy like I had originally thought they were I should tea dye them. I'm considering it. We shall see. I only worked on them for a minute (about an inches worth of ribbing) last night and have done mnaybe a total of three rounds on them today. I'm not sure I cast on enough stitches though. Doe to various things, diabetes included, my mother in law has some thick legs. It looks like they will be wide enough and it is ribbing after all so it will stretch but I don't want to send her something to small. She's paranoid enough about her size I don't need to make her think her legs are fat you know?

I have been plugging along on Christmas knitting (the socks were part of that until I remembered her birthday is in January so they are now birthday socks) and will soon have pictures to show for it. The knitting blogs did a lot for my motivation actually. It was nice to see other people's knitting. As much fun as I am having doing all these various projects I am thinking more and more about a year of selfish knitting. Just family stuff...mainly socks and diaper covers I am thinking. Maybe toys for the munchkins. I don't know. I am feeling the knitting love but this pressure to produce something isn't what I want. I'm not liking that part of it. I have a sneaking suspiscion that part of that pressure is my fault. I over burdened myself with promises of knitted goods. While I am more than happy to do it I seem to forget that I am not a super speedy knitter and that not only do I have a toddler running rampant I now have a 6 year old boy. Doesn't always make for productive knitting.

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