Thursday, December 7

Self imposed agony

*GASP* Could it be? Could it be that, I, a mere blogger have regular Internet access once again? That I could possibly update and read and do all that good stuff on a regular basis? Why yes, yes it is! After a very prolonged lack of Internet I am happy to have it back! The stupid cable guy took two freaking hours to do it all but that's a different story. And it has nothing to do with knitting. :)

Now...self imposed agony? you ask. My sock, the Art yarns one, has yet to receive it's mate. I have put myself on self imposed SSS. I have so much knitting to do that honestly finishing up a sock for MYSELF would just be silly. We finally moved into a house after deciding to find one ourself (read...I was right all along). I got my yarn unpacked and am in the process of organizing it all up. It has been heaven! Anyhow, I am finally settled in and have been bitten by the knnitting bug once again. I have a crazy insane knitting list right now and a sock is at the bottom. It's been tough. All my fabulous sock yarn is calling to me from my closet. I you listen carefully you can hear it through the screen......"knit me! knit me!"

I have finally finished up the triplet wraps. yes it has taken a long time and yes I am a slacker. :) I am actually not offically done yet. I finished up the green one and decided that the first one (the orange one) needed to be fixed. It ended up being too short so I frogged back my eight rows of twisted ribbing and went about fixing it. I JUST arely finished up. It's still a bit shorter than the green one (and probably shorter than the third) but not by much. It had been about 1-1.5 inches too short before hand. Now I'd say it's maybe 2 or 3 rows off. I decided to stop since I was adding length to the back of the techinically the rise. I didn't want to send a wrap with a rise way too long that it over ruled the fact that it was a size newborn. I still wanted it to fit. It looks like it will. I am almost done with the increases on the third one and once that's done with it's 16 rows to the finish line! Then washed, blocked, and lanolized. Followed by some sewing. I was worried at first because of the first wrap but now seeing the two (with the first fixed up) I have faith they'll still fit. These babies have some good stretch to them as well which helps a lot. Heck, my 18 month old can still wear a size small in this pattern.

Moving here I have met a fellow MDCer. She actually lives around the corner from me and we see each at least once a day. It's pretty cool. But the best part? She's a knitter. :) I have some yarn from the first Magic Ball yarn swap that I have been dying to use since I got it. As I organized my closet the other day I found it and wanted to use it. Nothing has seemed right though. Then it dawned on me! This fellow MDCer...she's an LTk hoochie and has the pilot cap pattern. I grabbed a coordinating solid color since I wasn't sure the yarn was enough and asked her to whip me one up. She did and did so quite quickly! This hat fits so perfectly and looks so freaking cute on the wee ones head! I do have a picture but it'll be added later...dumb Blogger and all.

Now..on to my list. I need to get it somewhere I can't lose it!

*finish the last of the 3rd wrap
~sew on velcro, wash, lanolize, and mail
*Holiday Helper wraps
*finish doll for C.
~start clothes for doll
*start monkey for I.
*start socks for MIL
*finish scarf for moi
*finish hat and wand for DSS
*start starfish for DSS

Once all that is said and done I can finally work on selfish stuff. That all has to be done by the end of this month (!!!!) so I am thinking of doing at least a pair of socks a month starting at the beginning of the year. I think I can do it. Right now it's totally se;fish but I'm sure I'll make someone else a pair. :)

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