Tuesday, April 4

Big head schmig schmead

Lesson learned: When knitting something such as a hat that you do not measure the recipient for be forewarned. Attempting to fit it over a big head when still on the needles will not always be a good idea.

I pulled the hat off my needles and was about to frog it when I decided to try it on my daughter and then on me. Surprisingly it fit us both...and on her it had ample room. I took it downstairs and slipped it over my husbands large noggin and you knonw what? It fits.

Yes the hat I groaned about fits his head and it fits perfectly! Good thing I didn't frog it. Now I just have to get it back on the needles.

BUT! I'm glad I took it off. I have cast on for my DD's birthday outfit. I am just going to wing it and make a dress as it comes to me. No patterns here! I am trying to decide how to do the top. What I was wanting to do was basically a tube with something up top like ribbing and then the bottom would be plain. The top is a light blue and then the bottom and straps are going to be a light pink. However, I don't want to do the math to figure out any decorative stitching. My basketweave that I considered is in multiples of ten (that's how it's written down). I don't want to figure it out if I cast on something that won't work with that. I don't want to figure out ribbing. Yeah I'm lazzy like that but it's mainly cause I suck at math and DH laughs when I ask something that seems ridiculously hard for me. :)

I have fiddled with this once before but got discouraged pretty quickly. I wonder if I randomly throw in a purl stitch if when the segment is done it looks like polka dots (so to speak). I know when I do a row of purl after and before some rows of knit that it creates a kind of dip within the project. So....I have every reason to believe that by doing a random purl I shall get a random "dip" in my segment. I'm not sure though. I don't want to try it out on this project and then find out it doesn't work. But I also don't want to start a swatch just to test my theory only to find out it may or may not work. I could be using that time doing productive knitting. Anyone know?

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GailV said...

Some of the MinnowKnits dresses use things like purl stiches scattered over the smooth stockinette to give a subtle pattern. Have you seen any of those patterns in shops, or does your public library have the books? For that matter, you could google Minnowknits to find the website (I think the author is Jil Eaton) and look at some of the dresses there.