Monday, April 3

No title today

I figured I should update. :)

I have OTN today a hat for DH. He's not really deserving of a hat right now but I started it on a day that he was so I figure I should finish it. It's just an acrylic one but he picked out this yarn back in December and asked me then to make him a hat. It's now April and time I get to making one. :) It has a dark blue rim on it and the body is out of a mutlicolored yarn. Pretty manly looking if I do say so myself. I'm doing it on the circulars my sister gave me. They happen to be of a size that fits my husband's gigantic head. This is my first hat and my first circular project.I'm not too far into it but am already thinking about how I decrease further up near the top. I do decrease right? I'm not using a pattern so it's a bit confusing right now. I'm pretty sure the patterns I've read call for a decrease (which I can do) but I have a hard time thinking that anything less stitch wise on these needles will be too hard to keep going. Hmmm...I think I need to look up some patterns. But I'm not sure that will even work. The few I can think of right off the bat usually have two sets in different sizes. I only have this one set. Hmmmm.

I am also working on a rug/seat cover. I made myself some gargantuan needles the other night and set to workto see if they would work with my recycled wool. They work wonderfully!!! The yarn was meant for big needles. I say rug/seat cover cause I am just not sure. I love the color combo I am using (the multi and the red I dyed) and would love to make a rug for our kitchen or bathroom since they are essentially our "colors". However, DH received a chair from a friend that has a blanket covering the seat. I hate the blanket, I hate the woman who made the blanket, and DH says it smells like our friend's ass. See my dillemma? I can make something pretty for our house or I can get rid of the offensive blanket and rid my husband's chair of ass. :)

Other than that I have no knitting news. I am thinking of making DD a dress for her birthday next month but I have no idea what to make!!! If you have a free pattern for something cute, easy, and fitting of a one year old girl tell me!!!!!!!!

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Vegan Knitting said...

I'd go with the no funky blanket, no funky ass smell, personally...

Yes, you will need to decrease at the top unless you want to seam it shut. personally, I'd much rather decrease since it looks better. But you'll need some DPNs to do that. It doesn't matter so much if they are the exact same size as the circular you're using now. What you'll want to do is knit regularly until the hat is the height you want it to be for his head (top of ears to crown) and then decrease slowly every round until you can join it in the middle. How many stitches did you cast on? The easiest decrease is to pick a number to divide those buy that's close to 10 and do a K1tog every nth one. So if you CO 120 stitches, you might want to decrease every 12 stitches. Then you'll do a row of K10, K2tog. Then you'll have 110. THe next row you'll do K9, K2tog and you'll have 100, etc. until you are left with just a few stitches which you can gather through with the ending yarn.

Or you could always add an umbilical cord topknot with an icord after you decrease!!! :devil: