Monday, April 17

Leg ties and new needles

DD has worn her lovely new soaker a handful of times and I have found the spot where size 8 needles does make a difference. The legs. Those bad beasts are huge! I only notice when shes laying in my lap or something like that where I can see the gap. When she's sitting down her fat little thighs fill out quite nicely. :)

So instead of doing leg ruffles (when I went back to read the pattern on how to do it she warns that it can make the leg openings bigger which I DON'T want) I threaded some yarn through them and have made leg ties. Like cinches. It adds a little shape to the hole (makes it more round and leg like) and adds a bit of cuteness by allowing for the hang off of the tie. I am very pleased with it. AND because I made them a bit big through the legs as she grows I can just cinch/uncinch when need be.

I went and bought a dowel tonight in the right size though and made myself some size 5's. We'll see how much of a difference it really is when I can compare the two side by side. I'm all out of steam though and have no desire to start on another one. :) Although I did email Jenny from Tiny Birds and asked if I am allowed to sell them on eBay or something and she said yes. Glad I asked! Maybe that will be my motivation to get some more made up. It'd be nice to have some extra cash here and there.

When I heard about doing soakers in acrylic everyone said you would need to wash them more. I didn't understand why until tonight. The soaker is still a little damp from the last change but it already has a faint urine smell. Maybe once I wash it and the yarn has a chance to be broken in (I was so excited I didn't bother to wash it after I finished. I just put it on the girl!) it won't be as bad. I don't mind though. It lasts about two days (assuming it stays this way) and I do diaper laundry about every two days. So it all works out. :)

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