Tuesday, April 11

The wheels are churning

I posted last night and got offline with every intention of working on the hat. I didn't. Instead I attempted to read a piece on vaccines and SIDS. I didn't even do that very well. So I headed to bed where my mind went crazy. So I got up, went through my sewing patterns, did some research on LASIK, and thought about our upcoming move. I was wired. During the sorting of patterns I think I came up with what I am doing for my mother in law. She is the sweetest person in the world so her gift is always first on my mind. I just want something spectacular. I have a pattern for some quilt squares, some of which are Amish based. I love Amish quilts. If I could afford it I would so buy a genuine one. As it stands I am poor so I shall resort to attempting to make one. One of the patterns is for a water lily square. I think I am going to make her a quilt. Seeing as her and my father in law have seperate bedrooms I can go all out on the feminine-ness of this without worrying. I also have some very thin lightweight grey wool. I have been dreaming of making it into some simple yet sophisitcated scarf. So I now officially have one person done away with!

B- scarf of grey wool and quilt

Have I mentioned I am crazy? Why do I say that? If I were to do individual gifts as opposed to family (which I may have to do on some of these) I would have to complete (in 8 months that is) 43 gifts. That's both of our families and that's ONLY the people I can think of right now without listing anyone down on paper to make sure I am not forgetting anyone. I am thinking of doing something in bulk based off gender. I know, horrible but 43 people, I've got to do something! Maybe all the cooks will get aprons, all the kids will get hats, and everyone else will get something according to what I can group them in. Ugh.


Vegan Knitting said...

I like the idea of themed presents so that you don't have to come up with individual ideas for everyone. I still think that 43 is pushing it.

C. said...

lol Pushing it? I say it's going to the edge, jumping, and hoping a hot air balloon catches you before you smack the ground! Hehehehehehe