Tuesday, April 4

Stupid big fat head!!

The hat I am making for DH was going to be a surprise. I tell him often I am going to make him something and then fail to do so. For example he has a pair of jeans he has wanted to me to patch so he can wear them again. I love these jeans on him. They have not been patched. I have been telling him I will get to them for about 6 months now. Yes, I know. I'm a slacker.

So when I started this hat I was excited. I had cast on and gotten a few rounds done. I was haulin' ass and it was looking good. I even managed to figure out adding a new color! Because of my excitement I couldn't contain myself and told him what I was making. He was excited.

Last night as he was closing everything down for the night I wandered upstairs to do a round or two. When he joined me I rearranged everything to have him "try it on".

My cast on's are super stretchy! I am unable to get them to the tightness that I prefer. Probably a good thing I suppose. My knitting however is super tight. Tighter than I would refer sometimes. So as I knit my cast on becomes the tightness that I prefer. My knit is pretty consistent although at times it does get tighter in spots. Nothing major...something to work on though. However, it is a problem with this hat!

The hat does not fit my husband. It does not evenn hint at fitting his huge head. I curse his genetics and told him he has a stupid fat head. I was so excited!! This is not a matter of simply being tight in the rim and adding an increase or two to the body. Oh no. This thing will NOT fit him in any sense of the word. It would have when it was only a cast on though. Wanna know who it will fit?

My 11 month old daughter.

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