Tuesday, April 11

List time!

I just went through and caught up on all the blogs. And I must say...I suck. :)

After reading through and seeing various pictures of glorius projects I found myself feeling envious and depressed. I have completed squat. I have so many OTN type projects and yet I finish nothing. For instance I was working on a dress my DD's birthday next month. I was going good and was doing a texture I had never tried before (little butterflies). I was even getting gutsy and was winging it on pattern. You know what happened last night when I messed up? I frogged it. Gee, who'da thunk it? I am getting freaking irritated with my desire to start and my desire to frog.

So I put DH's hat back on the circs and have been plugging along. I need a list or a series of lists. This will be the first. If I knew how to do html I would plug it into the side bar and make it look all cool like some of you others. Since I don't though I'll just type it out.

DH things
Hat- currently OTN and about 2 inches. I need 7.5

DD things
Birthday dress
Birthday soaker
extra soakers/longies

ME things
hat from the new Knitty
blanket from cool funky yarn

So tehre you have it. The first of my lists. I plan on sitting down tomorrow afternoon when the munchkin naps and writing out what I plan on doing for Christmas. I am a slow knitter so if I am doing anything like that I need to get my ass in gear. I am so tired of not completing things. I want to be productive and efficient.

I feel like I am on the verge of something. I am dis-satisfied with my current status quo and need to change it. That includes getting up and moving. I need to get back on track with simple things like cooking and cleaning and making everything else run that needs to be ran. Once those are in order I seem more capable of doing my other stuff...like knitting. Ugh. I need to go to bed. Instead I shall attempt a few rounds of DH's hat.


Vegan Knitting said...

I'll e-mail you the HTML to put some cool progress bars and lists into your sidebars!

C. said...

Yay!!! I love you!!! ;)